I go outside with my lantern


I go outside with my lantern,

My lantern goes with me.

Above the stars are shining bright

Down here on earth shine we.

Oh lantern bright, please shine you light

La bimmel la bammel la boom

‘Neath heaven’s dome, till we get home

La bimmel la bammel la boom.

We made jam jar lanterns with friends and watch them flicker in the dark.  Making these lanterns at this time of year has become a firm tradition with us – and I now look forward to it every year, just as I do the smell of bonfires and crisp crimson and golden leaves.



2 thoughts on “I go outside with my lantern

  1. Lynn Blair says:

    Do you make them with tissue paper? They’re so pretty. I have a thing for jam jars anyway. I much prefer putting flowers in them than the lovely vases we got as wedding presents. I think I’m just a peasant!


    • NinnyNoodleNoo says:

      They are made with tissue paper – it’s a really simple craft for children, we made them with friends this year and even her youngest managed to glue tissue paper onto the jam jar with relative ease, so it can satisfy a range of ages as it can be as complicated as you’d like (there are some amazing more complex ones to be seen on the internet). They’re very pretty lined up flickering in the dark. At some point I want to attach wire to them and use them as garden lanterns once the weather warms up again (and we get our garden finished).


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