Garden Update August 2013

August is always a busy month in the garden and this is not a comprehensive list as, at the time, I didn’t think of noting much more than some bits and pieces that I’d sown.  Hopefully I’ll remember to make better notes in the latter half of September.  Naturally I’ve pottered around doing bits of weeding and caterpillar patrol as well!

2nd August:


  • Basil (variety not noted)
  • Various salad leaves
  • French sorrel
  • Beetroot (Bolivar and a yellow one)

Planted some strawberries into a planter and cut back feverfew.

4th August

  • Saved Pink (Dainty Dame?) and Foxglove seeds (foxglove to go to a friend)
  • Planted ornamental lavender – Lavandula Stoechas “Butterfly Lavender”

22nd August

  • Turnips (Nancy)
  • French sorrel
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender (none came up this time either *sigh*)
  • Basil (Purple ruffles)
  • Lovage

23rd August

Put Indian Runner duck eggs under Kwan Yin who went broody a few days before, leaving the other chickens in disarray.  We went down to zero eggs for a little while, but they’re now averaging one a day between the two non-broody hens.  We clearly need more hens, but as we’re moving and rebuilding the run, it was better to wait.

26th August


  • Carrots (Early nantes)
30th August

A rather late attempt to get some plants started to over-winter. Various plants couldn’t be done as they would’ve had to have been sown much, much earlier and also left in the ground for months (and we will be re-arranging the garden over coming months)


  • Chard (Pink Passion) – seedlings later than 4th but only a few days later
  • Tsai tai (Welcome) – noticed seedlings 4th September
  • Tsai Tai (Hon) – seedlings later than 4th but only a few days later

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