Keeping busy

Ted decided that he was going to perform experiments.  He started with dissolving salt in hot and cold water, and then moved onto sprinkling salt on ice.
He then explored dissolving various other things (tea, honey, sand, ground coffee and olive oil) into water.   When he found the oil wouldn’t dissolve and just floated on top I suggested adding washing up liquid and seeing what happened next – he really enjoyed this!
Meanwhile Nin was busy making pipe-cleaner dolls using “Wee Felt Folk” by Salley Mavor. Her first doll had rather fetching red hair and a flower hat.
She’s since gone on to making a family of dolls, although the little dog met with what is likely to be a cat-based ‘accident’.
It’s been a very busy few weeks and I’m behind (as per usual) on posting anything, but hopefully will catch up and hopefully have some exciting news (well, exciting to us) just waiting on the go-ahead.

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