In my garden

The chickens are searching for bugs, so I thought I’d join them.
Asparagus Beetle
Spider with its hoverfly and (unknown) fly prey.
Shield bug of some sort
It wasn’t impressed with having its photo taken and was off.
I’ve had a quick look to ID this but haven’t succeeded yet.
 Cabbage white
Mostly the cabbage whites were blurry because they flit around so fast, barely landing as they lay their eggs all over my brassicas.
Another spider and hoverfly
Another unknown bug
And fly
Various caterpillars, but I don’t know what most of them are:
I’m wondering whether this is a Vapourer moth caterpillar – but they have 4 yellow fluffy bits like the one below.
This was taken a few days ago, so I’m wondering whether they’re the same caterpillar but the yellow has browned?
Anyway, back to the not sures:
This one raised its head to look at the camera.
Some sort of chrysalis under the porch roof.
A couple more spiders.
And plenty of snails.
It’s amazing what you find if you slow down and really look – sometimes it takes a chicken to show you what might be hidden in plain view.

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4 thoughts on “In my garden

  1. sustainablemum says:

    There are so many wonderful insects and bugs in nature if we really look. I can’t help you with identifying any of the but you could try iSpot which is a great website to help you with identification.


    • Nikki Wall says:

      Thank you – will have to have a look at iSpot 🙂 I’ve found more and more today – I get so excited over finding new animals (even thought they’ve been there all this time 😉 )


  2. Hannah@HomeBaked says:

    It’s fascinating, isn’t it? The cabbage whites and caterpillars are out in force here. I planted a resistant kale that is untouched but my neighbours cabbages and cauliflowers are not fairing well :o/


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