Catching up with pics from another July walk

Because I struggle to find enough hours in the day and sorting through photos, etc, seems to take forever!  I want to compile July’s set of Nature Spotting photos, but I still have quite a few to ID!  In the meantime, here are pics from one of the first walks of July (yes, pretty much over a month ago!)

We often take a stroll down to Walkers Nurseries.  Next to the business they maintain such a lovely garden that is open to the public to walk around.

We spotted this little wader with her young hurrying to the safety of the rushes and a small pool of water.
Some sort of bee on a foxglove.
Lots of waterlilies on the ponds – they’re so beautiful!
And these lovely irises against a backdrop of bamboo.
On the way back we passed the various honeysuckles growing by the wayside around here.
And this massive flowering asparagus is one of a few growing in what must be an abandoned garden – all overgrown with brambles but amongst them I can see roses and a few cherry trees tower above.  I’d love to know who it belongs to so I can ask if I can adopt it, every time I pass it makes me sigh (plus it’s next to some ramshackle stables/sheds – although I have once since a small pony around the yard of the sheds).
And, of course, the obligatory peacock (there’s never one far away here!)
I feel so blessed to live surrounded with such beautiful countryside (and gardens) to explore – moving here really was such a life-changing step and I feel more at home during the past 7 months than I have done in a very long time!

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