Scarborough and Filey

A couple of weeks ago, whilst Nin was in Norway (yes, she’s been on holiday to Norway to stay with my Uncle and his family but I’ve not got to that yet 😉 )  we took a trip to Scarborough and Filey, picking up my eldest son along the way.
Above are the ruins of Scarborough Castle – which I’d love to come back to one day.
But Ted just wanted to get into the water!
Anna got excited by it all!
And enjoyed paddling in the sea.
Ted just got rather excited in the water.
We had some lunch and then decided to drive along the coast towards Filey.  Just past the North Beach of Scarborough we found this rock covered in seagulls nesting.
And then on to Filey – which was lovely, fairly quiet (especially in comparison to Scarborough).  It was the latter end of the afternoon and the tide was moving in.
There were so many part bits of crab around!
Rich doing his posing bit.
Ted and Rich waiting for waves to jump.
Skimming stones.
I think this is probably Flamborough Head in the distance (you can just see the lighthouse).
Ted sticking his tongue out at Richard.
And being chased.
And being caught.  He was dumped in the water and he coughed and spluttered and spat and cried and sobbed – BUT, to hear him on the phone to his granny later you’d’ve thought it was the funniest thing ever and he claimed it was one of the BEST parts of the trip – who’d’ve thunk?
Cleaning up at the fountain before going to the car to head off home.
It was a lovely day out.  I’d not been to Scarborough or Filey before (although Scarborough has been recommended numerous times) and I’d love to go back as we had a fabulous time – although, I have to say, that I preferred Filey, but I think that’s rather because I prefer ‘quieter’ places.
John always yearns for the coast so hopefully we will get back to the beach soon (hoping to get down to St Leonards-on-Sea soon!)

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