Punch and Judy

We recently went to a local Summer Fete at the local garden centre.  Along with the usual stalls they had a Punch and Judy show.  As far as I know, Punch and Judy is something rather unique to Britain and, having not seen a show in quite some time, I’d forgotten quite how weird (and quite frankly disturbing) it can be.
Anna looks rather unsure and I can’t say I blame her, but the children really enjoyed it (even the bit when the devil dragged Punch to hell, yes, really!)
And look who can potter around with a bit of help! She was so very proud!

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2 thoughts on “Punch and Judy

  1. Chrismated in Coffeeland says:

    I love Punch and Judy! I found and old script in a discard library book as a kid and put on puppet shows for my long suffering parents for years.No one else ever knows what I am talking about when I bring it up. I guess I have to come visit Britain! Hmmm I think I might just have to put on a show for my kids 🙂 Thanks for the fun reminder.


    • Nikki Wall says:

      The old script must’ve been fascinating, although I do feel a little for your parents having it on loop (I like to see my children’s plays, but every-so-often I do have moments where I’d rather like to have some peace 🙂 ). I think Punch and Judy is very much a period piece (although I imagine that some elements have had to be changed due to what is deemed socially acceptable these days). It was still rather violent, though, and made me wince a few times. It was interesting to watch that not one child appeared to bat an eyelid when the policemen commented that now Punch was in hell, but all the children watching were ‘good boys and girls’ and the devil would have no need to come for them. This is something you don’t see said too often out in public on a sunny afternoon in England (well, not any more), but the children were chorusing their No’s and Yes’s as if the show was something very familiar to them (although surely it can’t’ve been for many of them, because some were quite small).But then children’s reactions to things are very different to adults. Both Nin and Ted thought it was great!


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