Finding Frogs at Walkers Nurseries

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything mildly ‘home-educationy’ – that’s not to say we haven’t done anything, we’ve been doing plenty, just that I don’t always think to photo it.

One place I do tend to bring my camera is our local home-education group, HEDGerow, and sometimes, when I remember to, I blog about it on the Doncaster Home Education blog (which is where I’ve partly copied this blog from – certainly the pictures are from there).

HEDGerow tends to meet weekly and up until recently we were meeting at a local village hall for an hour, doing various things and then going out for a group nature walk afterwards. The past couple of weeks we’ve just been meeting up outside (as the weather has been good) and I’ll be catching up with some photos of this soon. Β In the meantime these are from the week before last, where we met up at Walkers Nurseries in Blaxton to see how the tadpoles we’d discovered quite a while ago were getting on.
As you can see they are now tiny froglets and the children really enjoyed finding them (as did some of the adults…)
Even some of our youngest members had the opportunity to see some tiny frogs up close, although, as you can see by the look on his face, he’s non-too-impressed!

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to watch this wonderful animals grow from tiny tadpoles months ago, through to the little frogs we found a couple of weeks ago. We hope to visit regularly to see if we can continue to spot the frogs as they grow into maturity.

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