A village of peacocks

For some reason that I do not know, we are surrounded by peacocks here.  Walk to the end of our little close and turn left or right and you will find peacocks.  They wander freely and Parish Council minutes from last year have this to say about them:

We have recently had different representations at Parish Council meetings, some residents would like to see an end to the peacocks and others would prefer to keep them. The peacocks in the village are wild, they do not belong to the council or to any resident and as a result removal from the village requires permission and has to be done by licensed experts. It has been reported that there is only one female and this is the third year that she has not produced any eggs, it therefore looks as though the peacock population in the village, left to nature, will die out. There are six males in the village, all of whom are still interested in becoming a dad, that is why they “call out” during the mating season (March to July) to attract a female. Four are between 6 & 10 years old and two are between 3 & 4, typically they live to 12.

This saddened me a little so I read on in a little and found this (the next month):

Comments have been received from 33 residents who welcome the presence of the birds and wish them to be retained. Some request a breeding peahen. 

RESOLVED– to advise residents in the December newsletter of the overwhelming support from parishioners

– if a peahen is obtained by residents then it was stressed the parish council would not be responsible 

I do hope a peahen (or two, or more) were found and feel a little troubled that I haven’t seen one, locally, yet.  I wonder who might be able to tell me?

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2 thoughts on “A village of peacocks

  1. Graz says:


    Great that you love the peacocks – they make Finningley special.

    Apparently 3 people still want rid of them – they went to the parish council meeting in June 2014. If you feel they should stay (or even that there should be more) please let the Parish Council know. There is a danger that the Peacocks will soon die out as there were 18 of the three years ago and now there are only seven..



    • NinnyNoodleNoo says:


      Sorry for the delay, we actually moved a couple of villages along a few weeks ago and have had some internet access issues.

      There are still people complaining? That’s such a shame. I know they’re noisy, but I agree that they are part of what makes Finningley special and really should stay.

      I thought I saw a chick with the new peahen last year (I did get a giggle from the fact that someone had let her go), but I guess it didn’t make it 😦 I don’t think I’m in the position to say much to the Parish Council having moved!


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