June Nature Spotting

I keep meaning to keep a ‘proper’ log of what we observe on our walks out.  We do have Nature Journals and we do try to remember to write in them, but I thought it might also be an idea to also keep a record on here.

I’ll continue to update this over the month of June – yes I know we’re moving towards the end of June, but I have a BIG backlog of photos and spotting to list here and it’s taking a while – and then start linking from the top bar for what we spot monthly.

If I’ve made a mistake with any of the below – please let me know as I’d like to get things right!

Bees – still to ID – all 14th June – at Walkers Nursery

Centipede in back garden (25th June)

Buzzard? (20th June over fields) Identifying birds of prey flying is not my strong point (or indeed any sort of point…)

 Think this is a Damselfly Nymph (14th June)? pictured left.

Two-spot ladybird (red) (14th June) no picture (blurry)

14-spot Yellow Ladybird (14th June) at Walkers Nursery
Juvenile Moorhens (15th June, Finningley Duck Pond)
Not sure what this beetle is.

Nor this.

Red and Black Froghopper (14th June) found on the roadside by the building works (same place as the chickweed and poppy photos, amongst others)
Red Spider Mite (14th June) on a wall on the corner of Back Lane.

Yellow Slug (Limax Flavus) – I think – found in the cupboard under the stairs (yuck!) 26th June

Stickleback (14th June)

 Tadpoles (14th June)


Swallow (14th June)

 A rather lovely feather (14th June)

Bird’s Foot Trefoil (14th June) growing in fields nearby – had to hang over the fence to take it.
Buttercup – not pictured as photo blurry.  Grew close to ground amongst cut grass on roadside.

Chickweed (14th June) growing all over the place, but this, specifically on the roadside where there’s been recent building works to create an entrance to new playing fields.
Cranesbill (14th June) on the roadside.
Dandelion (14th June) growing everywhere – this was a monster-stemmed flower that Ted picked (he likes to make ‘dandelion chains’ (rather than daisy chains).
Dog Roses (all 14th June) all growing along the same stretch of road showing a variation in colour.
Elder (14th June) growing in the same hedgerow as the dog roses.
Flag Iris (14th June) at Walkers Nursery
Green Alkanet (14th June) growing by the roadside in the shade of the hedgerow (set back a little from the road)
Hawthorn (14th June) pointing out the berries forming where the flowers used to be.
Herb Robert (14th June) growing on the corner of the wooden fence on Back Lane by paddocks and houses.
Honesty (14th June) growing by the roadside by a house.
Iris (14th June) at Walkers Nursery
Lilac (14th June) growing on the corner of Back Lane.
Meadow Vetchling (maybe) (14th June)
Nettle flowering (14th June) growing all over the place on roadsides.
Poppy (14th June) growing in the same place as the chickweed and brassica (from the same day).  Photos taken by Nin, who commented on the ‘hairyness’ (which she hadn’t noticed before taking photos on that day).
 Ragged Robin (15th June) growing by the duck pond in Finningley

Red Dead Nettle (14th June)

Shepherd’s Purse (14th June)


Speedwell (14th June)

Speedwell (14th June)

Think this is Vetch (14th June)?
A little Viola (14th June) pictured left
Another little Viola (15th June) growing by the duck pond, Finningley.
Water lilies (14th June) at Walkers Nursery.
Water Lilies (14th June) at Walkers Nursery

Water Mint (14th June) at Walkers Nursery.

White Bryony (14th June) if I have them the right way round.

White Campion (14th June) no picture.

White Dead Nettle

Various Unidentified Flowers – that hopefully I will get around to identifying at some point.

15th June not sure (above) – couldn’t get closer to get a better picture.  Quite a few of these were growing by the duck pond in Finningley.

There are still plenty more to come – hopefully I’ll be able to list everything we’ve photographed and noted before the end of the month (but it’s looking increasingly unlikely).

I suppose I should be thankful that life keep so busy in that we’re out there spotting these things, that I have limited time to post them on here!


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