Processing honey

We had a knock at the door and were invited over to watch our neighbours process honey from the bees they keep.  A stack of ‘supers’ was in our neighbour’s kitchen and a couple of residual bees buzzed around (the majority of the bees were left safe in the hive – the ‘supers’ are added on top of the main hive and are removed when full).
The capping needs to be scraped off to get the honey out.
The panels are heavy!  You have to be careful loading them into the centrifuge to try to keep the weight evenly distributed.
The centrifuge is closed and then it the wheel inside spins faster and faster flinging the honey out to the sides where it runs and collects in the base.
Then the honey is drained off, strained through a sieve into a barrel.  There are further steps as the honey needs to be strained for a second time before jarring (I have a feeling there may be another step in there, but I can’t remember it!)
The children got to ask loads of questions and the whole process was fascinating!  I’m hoping that we may be able to organise something for the local group as it would be wonderful for more people to have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing honeybee and where our honey comes from.

6 thoughts on “Processing honey

    • Nikki Wall says:

      Haha! 😀 Yes, it was very *sweet* of them! He also makes lovely turned wooden plates and bowls and things. They’ve lived over the road for 50 years (they told me) so I’m guessing the lovely fruit trees in their backgarden may well have been planted by them.


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