Potteric Carr Open Day

On 26th May we went to a Open Day at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve.  After some chilly wet days, the sun came out in full force for the day and we had a wonderful time doing various activities.
Sweeping for bugs (packs were available to borrow)
The wooden butterfly that some of the children from the local home-ed group was up in the butterfly garden.
We got talking to a local beekeeper and it turns out he is very good friends with one of our neighbours (and there’s only 8 houses – so a very close neighbour!) We saw him whilst gardening out front the next day and he waved and said hello.
He told us about where he keeps his bees locally and offered us a taste of different honeys.  Some of the hives the honey comes from are just a short walk from our house.
We spotted some geese and their goslings.
There was a little harvest mouse in a cage (to give people an opportunity to see it).
We had a go at pond-dipping and caught various aquatic creatures.
Amongst them, were loads of nymphs and a smooth newt.
We then took a walk up to the cafe and I noted a few more flowers for the list this year.
Guelder Rose
Red Campion
Strawberries (so many strawberries at Potteric Carr – sadly we’re not allowed to pick any though!)
Trefoil (probably Birdsfoot – but I haven’t checked it)
Speedwell – I think it’s Germander – I see a few different speedwells and would like to be able to know their particular names.
A ‘bodger’ on a pole lathe – Nin spent some time eye-ing the lathe up stating that she reckons she could make one.  Strangely enough, one of our neighbours (friend of the afore-mentioned ‘bee-man’, although he also keeps bees) makes beautiful bowls and plates that he turns on an electric lathe in his workshop in his backgarden – there’s some synchronicity here – he told me, when I went to offer him a share of some Welsh Onions I’d been given, that there’s a wood-turning group within walking distance that meets once a month.
Nin didn’t want to leave off carding.  She wants for us to rent a spinning wheel so she can learn to spin.  She says she wanted to sit there for the rest of the day.
We also watched a lady weaving to fix chairs.
There was also music and singing.
On the way out we saw a buzzard.  Nin looked up into the sky and announced it and I said that I really wasn’t sure about it (initially it had been flapping fairly close to the ground) and that I didn’t think it was a buzzard.  She was pretty adamant she was right and I was still unsure and said so (I’m not very good at identifying birds).  I told her I was pretty sure it wasn’t and one of the volunteers (busy digging to make an amphibian site), who’d clearly overheard, piped up as we walked past and said, “It’s a buzzard.”  So a little red-face from me!  Although I did re-iterate that I had said all along that I’m not very good on birds.  He pointed out that I’d clearly been confused by the initial flapping and lack of soaring.  Yeah, that’d be it…  At least he attempted to give me a get out clause! 😀  But very well done to Nin!
All in all a very good day!

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