Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

Another belated post, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to sit down and sort through photos and write something.  As camera flashes aren’t allowed on site, some of the photos are rather ‘grainy’.
Around my birthday (April) we took a trip to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and had a fantastic day out. The museum is free entry (amazingly – bearing in mind the how much we enjoyed it and the regular talks and demonstrations that were happening throughout the day, especially as this was during term-time rather than in holidays.
We had a go at drawing a longbow (it was hard work).
Children’s armour (because even centuries ago some little boys clearly wanted to be ‘just like Daddy’). The little knight above is a toy.
Various demonstrations and talks were on throughout the day.
The swords used were very long – taller than Ted!
The demonstrators were happy to answer questions, although Nin looks a bit worried holding such a dangerous piece of weaponry.
Some of the personal hunting rifles/guns were beautifully carved and inlaid.
There were also various early air-rifles (which were rather odd-looking).
A talk by ‘Davy Crockett’.
This gun is currently on loan to the museum.  It belonged to John Tunstall, employer of William Bonney (who went on to become ‘Billy the Kid’).
The Oriental Gallery had some very beautiful armour on display.  The Tokugawa Armour (below) was part of a gift made to King James I.
The gallery displays armour and weaponry from across Asia (India, Japan, China, Central and South East Asia). I’ve included some photos here in no particular order.
The elephant armour pictured is in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest animal armour in the world.
By the time we reached the Oriental Gallery we were fast running out of time so had to whizz through and didn’t really get to have a look around the displays of more recent weapons, plus contemporary social issues (such as gang crime, below) – although, I don’t really think these displays are particularly appropriate for Nin and Ted at present.
There was so much more than we were expecting at the museum and we simply ran out of time to get around everything!  It took a few hours just to see the first couple of galleries and Nin would have spent longer watching the various films and doing assorted interactive activities.  There were also regular talks throughout the day and I think we could’ve spent the day just going from one talk to another!  We’ll certainly be returning some time soon!

4 thoughts on “Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

  1. Hannah@HomeBaked says:

    Despite living so close I’ve never actually been to the armouries. Someone always offers to take Cameron so he’s been for a lot of things, including a robot wars event which was apparently quite good.Looks like you had a great day out!


  2. sustainablemum says:

    This is somewhere I have been wanting to go for ages. It looks amazing, your pics are great.Did you travel on public transport as that is what I would want to do but I could not find a bus, from the railway station, that took you remotely near the musuem at all, they all seem to drop you miles away.


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