A summer benefit of home ed

Is that you can take your books outside, don some (wonky) sunglasses and enjoy some reading in the sun! We’re steadily getting the back garden cleared and the blank spaces filled.

And when you’re finished with the books and have had some lunch, you can head on out into the locale, for a foray to photograph wild flowers, which can also take in popping into the impromptu garden centre that’s opened on the side of someone’s house (they popped a cow outside to attract attention):
(When Rosie, one of our cats, follows us this cow really worries her and she just can’t seem to work it out at all and gives it a wide berth – although thankfully not so far that she’s in the road)

Nin bought a couple of young fuschias for £1.00 each (one that will have pale pink blossoms and another with a pink stained leaf – doubtless there will be photos of them once they’re planted up and in flower in her ‘square’ of the garden).   I suggested she pop them home (as we were going on to the larger garden centre in the village) and Ted didn’t fancy the all of a couple of minutes walk home, so we waited on the verge and he made dandelion chains:
Fuschias duly dropped off on the front door step, we continued on and hadn’t got a few steps when a man passing by told us to hurry to the ponies on the back lane as one had just foaled.  So we picked up the pace and found the little fellow below (and his mother showing signs that he had indeed not long been born).

We stayed and watched a while before getting on with the purpose of our walk (to photograph and then try and identify the various flowers we could find).  In alphabetical order (sort of) as that’s how it appears in the photo folder.
If I get any wrong – please do let me know!
There is still plenty of blossom to be found (Ted took this photo) – not sure what sort of fruit blossom this is, but doubtless we’ll find out in due course (I’m guessing cherry).
Buttercup (Meadow Buttercup?)
Forget-me-not – not sure which sort, though.
Greater Stitchwort
Green Alkanet (I think!)
Ground Ivy
Not sure on this one – something from the Prunus family?  Maybe damsons or bullace?
Red Deadnettle
Ribwort Plaintain
Round leaved Cranesbill
A couple of Speedwells, which I think are different sorts, but I don’t know what particular kinds they are.
Thale Cress (I think)
Quite a few flowers photographed and hopefully identified correctly (plus where they were clearly common and not endangered, we collected a few to press).  We also had a potter around the garden centre and bought some dahlias (edible – who knew?) and a yellow raspberry plant – the specifics of both I can’t remember off-hand (and have to wind-up here and make custard so can’t pop and check right now).
I plan to put together a page on here to make a note of all of the species of wild flower that we find and photograph over the coming year (as well as make a note of things in our Nature Journals) as something for us to look back on 🙂

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