Stratford Butterfly Farm

A rather belated post as we visited the Butterfly Farm in February, but it wasn’t until we were on the motorway that I realised I’d left the camera on the side and, therefore, the majority of these photos are taken by my stepmother (aside from the one I took of her a little further down) and I had to wait till my father had a moment to get them sent up.


I’m from the Midlands originally (although this never seems to cease to surprise people!) and my father and step-mother still live there (although they’ve hopped across the border from the West Midlands to Warwickshire) and now live fairly close to Stratford-Upon-Avon.  An old local favourite of mine to visit is the Butterfly Farm and, on a weekend trip down, we took the opportunity to go along.


My stepmother was very popular with the butterflies – they kept landing all over her, including her nose!


It was rather cold outside, but very warm (well, tropical of course) within – this made it a little challenging with Anna which is why she appears sans any sort of hat (never fear she had her lovely woolly pixie Lyalya for when we left the heat!)


It was good to see the iguana still padding around (I believe there’s two that have the freedom of the inside of the farm).  There are also a number of birds, mostly budgies and quail flying or running around.  Also within the farm are various vivariums of reptiles, insects and arachnids (etc).  Nin very bravely met a young Indian python.  My father, clearly far more confident and relaxed, “Here’s how you hold a snake, kids” casually holds the python whilst having a chat.


I had to be a bit careful as I had a very grabby Anna – who was thrilled when butterflies landed on my shoulders and tried to grab them (no butterflies were harmed, thankfully).


We had a lovely couple of hours walking around and then it was back for some food, a chat and, later, some rounds of Rummikub.  Nin got a bit too close to some lilies (and it took a bit of scrubbing to get the yellow stains off!)


It was good to get down there for a couple of days and catch up (something the telephone is a poor substitute for!)


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