Menu Planning Monday and gluten-woes

I’m borrowing John’s laptop to do a few updates, but I’m behind with planning as I’ve been getting used to the tablet and trying to work out a way to do menu-planning on there (whilst my laptop isn’t working).

In addition, I saw a gastroenterologist on Monday (as I was referred back due to my very low B12 and folate levels) and have been referred for an endoscopy (and biopsy).  For this to give a more true picture of what’s going on inside, I’ve been asked to eat gluten for the next 4-6 weeks (whilst I’m waiting for the appointment to come through). So temporarily gluten is back on the menu (as I will likely cut it out again once the endoscopy is done because I know it causes me discomfort).

So a couple of changes on the planning front and the solution I’ve come up with is to use Google Calender, for the time-being and, as such, I’ve made it a ‘public’ calendar and linked to it below.  Sometimes I may elaborate more or link to a recipe online within the entry (if you click on it it should bring up further details):

It’s still a work in progress, but hopefully I’ll get more into it as the week goes on and by next week should be up and running again.  Do bear in mind that I plan around a weekly box from Riverford Organic Farms and don’t know until the Friday before delivery on a Tuesday (here) what will be in the box (although I do usually add things to the basic box).

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