Menu Planning Monday #1

A week ago I posted up a menu plan for last week. I’ve included it below with the changes that happened over the week.


Breakfast: Butternut squash pancakes with baked beans
Lunch: Various leftovers
Dinner: Beefburgers, garlic mushrooms, salad and potato salad


Breakfast: Stewed plum & kefir
Lunch: Courgette, pea and parmesan soup
Dinner: Pot roast chicken; purple sprouting broccoli; roast swede

So the first two days went fine.


Breakfast: Avocado with Potato & Bacon Fritters Banana Pancakes as Nin and Ted requested it and Erk was staying with friends (he doesn’t like banana, one of the very few things he doesn’t like)
Lunch: Lettuce Soup We ate late and nobody wanted anything at lunch
Dinner: Chickpea, spinach and mushroom curry with carrots & coriander and spiced rice


Breakfast: Apple or pear clafoutis
Lunch: Leftover chicken and coconut soup Lettuce Soup (as it was what was going to be made for lunch the day before
Dinner: Meatloaf (using mince and leftover home-made pate from the freezer), salad and roasted swede Lamb stew quite a bit of lamb came of the bone (from a lamb Sunday dinner) which I used to make some stew, so it made sense to make a stew.


Breakfast: Banana pancakes Breakfast Scramble (leftover mash from the stew with some streaky bacon and mushrooms all scrambled about in a pan with some eggs)
Lunch: Butternut Squash soup (from the freezer) Omelette
Dinner: Asian-style Chicken Salad


Breakfast: Spiced mince sausage and garlic mushrooms Banana Pancakes (again, Erk @ friends)
Lunch: Root Veg soup (from the freezer) Nin, Ted and Erk were out.
Dinner: Beetroot curry Beefburgers, garlic mushrooms, salad and potato wedges Yes! Twice in a week because everyone really wanted them!


Breakfast: Butternut squash pancakes with baked beans Mushroom Frittata because someone forgot to put beans on to soak and only realised on Saturday evening when it was rather too late!
Lunch: Celeriac and Apple Soup Ate a late breakfast so skipped lunch
Dinner: Pot-roast beef; honey & thyme carrots; roasted swede & celeriac; peas.

Dessert: Almond and honey kefir cheesecake.

So, looking back, Saturday was a bit of a write-off menu-planning-wise and Sunday didn’t quite go to plan either.  I think I was rather thrown off by the Saturday, to be honest, although that still doesn’t explain why I didn’t soak any beans.  This week was always going to be a little different as Erk is visiting, so an extra person to account/cook for.

If you have any questions about how anything was made, do ask 🙂

I’ll post the menu plan for this week in the next post.

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