Cascade for Anna

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The Cascade for Anna is pretty much finished, just waiting on some buttons.  I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan – it’s a fast, simple (in my opinion) knit, with minimal sewing (knitted as it is from the neck down) and only really took as long as it did due to Anna and one of my cats attacking either needles or yarn.  Now to decide on some buttons…

Reading-wise I’ve read Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet by Elaine Gloria Gottschall (as part of my further investigation into possible dietary solutions for some of the difficulties I’m experiencing that I wrote a little about in my last post) and I’m still pootling through D’Aulaires’ Book Of Norse Myths with Nin and Ted, which we’re all enjoying (although I’ve read it a few times before with my older boys).   Having been to a friend’s today, I have a new book that I’m after reading, but I can’t remember the name of it, so will have to check with her again.

I have no idea what to knit or crochet next, there are a few things that need doing: Ted desperately needs a jumper (I’ve gone through his clothes and he’s pretty much grown out of EVERYTHING!); Anna could do with another cardi; I’d really like to make myself a shawl scarf; John would like me to make him some socks and really I could also do with some socks; Anna needs booties; the list goes on… But first I need to block the shawl for my Mum (no, I haven’t done that *yet*) and I plan to do some beading embellishment on it and in a minute I’m hopefully going to start on sewing the back onto the knitted cushion front I made a while ago (I’m finding sewing challenging – back to the grabby baby theme).  Really I should get these things done before starting anything else!

Joining in with Small Thing’s Yarnalong – please visit them for some more yarny goodness!


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