Volunteering at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve

It started off as a very chilly day, but not to be disheartened by a bit of snow we headed off to Potteric Carr Nature Reserve (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) for a day of helping out with the soon-to-be-opened Butterfly Garden (for the Flutter By Project).  I don’t think any of us would’ve imagined that the ground would be covered in snow after the Vernal Equinox!
John dropped us off and Ted was sick very shortly afterwards, so John (who had only just got back home) had to come back out to pick him up.  We’d thought we’d avoided the stomach bug that has been doing the rounds, turns out we were wrong.  Nin, Anna and me stayed to carry on working, though.
We collected branches to saw down to use as edging to the butterfly shape below (which will be planted with flowers to attract butterflies and this had been planned for the day, but as you can see, it wasn’t the weather for planting!)
Tidying up the butterfly-shaped bed.
Tidying up around the caterpillar.
Painting a large butterfly (the only colours available were green, blue and yellow).
First coat finished – the lovely volunteer project workers will do the rest.
It was very, very cold and we retreated to the cafe at lunch to eat some baked potato (and Nin had a gluten-free shortbread) and some warm drinks.  Usually I’d make a packed lunch, but knowing in advance that it’d be so cold, I thought it better to plan for eating something hot at lunch instead (and getting into the warm!) and baked potatoes were just the ticket.
The Flutter By space is due to be ‘opened’ on the 29th March – although whether there will be the weather for it to be finished in time remains to be seen!  Regardless of this, we hope we’ll be able to return to volunteer at the project when the weather warms up a bit!

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