Dear Yarnalong, I was going to take a photo of the recent shawl I have been knitting for my mother, but a certain little someone keeps trying to help me and well, it’s taken longer to finish than I planned…

I finally cast off and have yet to block it, but haven’t got that far along. ย Instead I cast on a Cascade for said madam above which is knitting up nicely (when I get the chance to work on it!)

We’ve been reading D’Aulaire’s Norse Myths (again, no photos) as a bedtime story as we work through our exploration of the Vikings.

Joining in with Small Thing’s Yarnalong, what have you been working on?

And don’t worry, I retrieved that yarn from her mouth very quickly – I just couldn’t resist a quick snap!


11 thoughts on “Yarnalong

  1. Vimsen says:

    Gorgeous! Viking! I really like it! We have an wonderful Viking place here around. Maybe you know about ‘Stiklestad’. Do you speak or understand norwegian?


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