Some Spring firsts

With Ostara on the horizon, today brought a couple of nature ‘firsts’ for the children.

Nin saw a chaffinch in the garden (and I was able to snap a fuzzy photo).  This is the first chaffinch she has seen and identified and she very proudly added it to her Nature Journal.
She also caught a live fly and fed it to the Venus fly trap that John bought recently.  Excited by her success she and Ted also caught a live woodlouse which shared the same fate.  We spent some time finding out more about fly traps.
We also put the potatoes from the Grow Your Own Potatoes project (from the Potato Council) to chit.  Yes we’re a little late in doing so, we’re supposed to have planted by 12th March, but with the recent snows I think it’s fortuitous that we didn’t (and we only received the potatoes about a week ago, so would’ve been pushing it to plant them then anyway!)
We watched a presentation about how potatoes are grown commercially (as we’ve grown potatoes either in our garden or on our friend’s allotment for a few years now, although we missed out last year) and also read a little about the different parts of the potato plant.  Nin already knew a little bit about the plants (that parts are poisonous and that it is a part of the Nightshade family).
We moved a little further along in History, learning about King Edgar (the Peaceable), Edward (the Martyr) and Aethelred II (the Unready); Elfrida (second wife of King Edgar, step mother to Edward, mother to Aethelred) and Emma of Normandy (wife of Aethelred and later, wife of King Canute).  We touched upon the Battle of Maldon and King Sweyn (Forkbeard) but will return to these tomorrow.
Ted read a couple of pages of “Frog in Winter” and Nin read a little about Viking farming and both worked on place value and the multiplication and division of numbers by 10, 100, 1000, etc (yes, Nin has done this before, but it was a recap for her and an introduction for Ted).  This required no little patience from me as Ted isn’t finding it the easiest concept to grasp, although I’m hoping there was a breakthrough today.
Anna is cutting four teeth across the top – two of which have broken through.  She’s finding it rather distressing and has spent the past couple of days rather unsettled.  I need to get some chamomilla and see if it helps – it’s rather frustrating that there isn’t very much that can be done to ease her discomfort 😦

2 thoughts on “Some Spring firsts

    • Nikki Wall says:

      I was unsure about clove oil as it’s pretty potent – it does numb well though(I’ve used it myself for tooth trouble and have some in the cupboard). I dug out the Rescue Remedy when I reminded myself of it whilst putting away the chamomilla and pulsatilla a friend kindly gave me a couple of.


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