A granny square spring bonnet for Anna

Granny Square Bonnet

Assuming that the days are getting warmer (they haven’t, after a brief spell of sunshine there’s been flurries of snow and some parts of the country are struggling) I thought I’d use some of the granny squares I’ve crocheted at various times to make Anna a bonnet more suited to the warming weather (but still keeping the draughts away from her tender head).

Inspired by a bonnet I saw made by the lovely Sarah at Carried Family (also on Etsy as Arwen MakesΒ – she makes some lovely things so do have a look) I crocheted a few squares together to make the above – perfect for a little girl who now likes to sit on the floor and attack play with her toys.

I’m also steadily knitting away at a simple shawl for my mother. Β It has to be slow and steady as it’s hard to knit with a grabby baby!

Reading is not as pretty and rather practical – mostly recipes for menu planning and getting my head around being gluten and dairy free again. Suggestions for good books/websites are welcome!

Taking part in Small Thing’s Yarn AlongΒ – full of lots of yarny goodness πŸ™‚ and Frontier Dream’s Keep Calm and Craft On.

[Ravelry link]


11 thoughts on “A granny square spring bonnet for Anna

    • Nikki Wall says:

      Thank you! I do enjoy crochet although I’m not particularly good at following a pattern – I can manage various granny squares and I tend to crochet other things out of my head.


  1. Anny says:

    “attacking” toys, HA! I can relate. My little one sounds like a little angry bear! The bonnet is adorable!Praying for some warmer weather to head your way-although then you wouldn’t need the bonnet so, maybe not. πŸ™‚


  2. Jessica says:

    Such a cute hat! And a nice resting baby – glad I gave you a laugh with the ‘duckafier’ picture hah. It will be nice having little toddling babies around this summer and nice to know other moms that let their babies sleep on their lap!


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