Warfare at Lakeside

On a recent clear day (before the weather turned back to rain and freezing fog) we took the opportunity to get out for a walk at Lakeside.  The fresh air was certainly very welcome and Nin ran…
And Ted jumped…
To stand in the path of the spray from the fountain (a highlight on a warm sunny day, I’m not so sure on a bright, crisp and cold one!)
The clear calmness of the weather was in sharp contrast to what we found on the lake.  Petty warfare had broken out.
The swans were fighting amongst themselves.
Cruising around like battleships in between throwing themselves at each other.
We saw a beautiful black swan.
Who was also getting in on the swan action.
Even the coots were at it, paddling about, puffed up, protecting their piece of the lake side.  I watched one mercilessly bullying a moorhen (couldn’t get a pic because they were racing around so much) and I felt sorry for the little moorhen, surrounded by angry coots on one side and what must be (to a moorhen) massive swans throwing their weight around on the other.
The lovely drake was very calm by comparison, as were the dabchicks (who just bobbed around)…
And the Great crested grebes – of which there were a few, but not showing any signs of the fighting indulged in by the much larger swans (and geese).
Ah, yes, the honking thugs that are Canada geese – looks sweet?
Don’t you be believing it.
These were hanging out, making menaces at passers-by (and each other).  I kept hearing music from West Side Story as I walked past.  A gaggle of geese?  A thuggery might be more accurate.
But when they’re on their own like this, they do seem rather nice.
The Tufted ducks were just bobbing around, every-so-often on upended and disappeared down.
The koi were huddled together in corners of the lake.
The surprise of the day was seeing these Oystercatchers just as we went back to the car.  I was a little perplexed at first because I thought they were coastal birds, but it turns out they come inland and hunt worms.
Lakeside may be pretty central to Doncaster town centre (surrounded by residential, office and retail developments), but the wildlife to be seen never ceases to amaze me and we always enjoy a walk around the lake.

6 thoughts on “Warfare at Lakeside

  1. Hannah@HomeBaked says:

    Swans can be really quite fierce, can’t they? I remember once being chased down the canal path by some as a child when they were guarding their eggs and didn’t want anyone close.Isn’t it great to get outside and run around? I’m hoping the spring weather proper is coming soon!


    • Nikki Wall says:

      Very! I was attacked by a swan when canoeing down the River Wye years ago – not fun having a swan throwing itself at you whilst you’re at water level. My mum and I had to hit at it with our paddles. It only left us as a pleasure boat came along and it decided that was a bigger threat and went off to attack that instead!


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