A walk with the girls to meet some new neighbours

With the snowdrops blooming and Ted staying at a friend’s house (a couple of weeks ago), it was time to get out with the girls and do some exploring of our new surroundings.  We decided to turn right at the top of the close we live on and see what we could find in that direction.
We live a short walk from a garden centre that have made a little park to walk around and I’ve often said I’d like to walk around it, so we headed there.
The tulips in this photo aren’t blooming, they’re in a vase – a memorial to a family member of the owners of the garden centre.
After the park we went to the garden centre for a look-around and met Peter the Peacock.  Nin was very impressed that she got to stand ‘touching distance’ from him.
I took a photo of some Pomponette daisies and we compared them with the regular little daisies growing amongst the grass of the verges outside.
And maybe not as spectacular, but still pretty and a welcome sight, the dead nettles are also blooming.
I also took some photos of some of our other ‘neighbours’:
Lots of little fat ponies just down the lane – we saw this fellow first and when Nin offered some grass, many others came running through an open gate in the field – wobbling on little legs.
We’ve seen plenty of rabbits and grey squirrels and the cats have presented us with dead mice (so some less welcome neighbours also around).  A few days later the children went for a walk with John and turned left instead – there are more peacocks at the duck pond (and ducks, of course) and hopefully I’ll get some more photos at some point.
Hopefully as the weather improves we can get out a bit more 🙂

4 thoughts on “A walk with the girls to meet some new neighbours

    • Nikki Wall says:

      I find it hard to muster up the enthusiasm when it’s cold, even though I know that when I do I’m rarely disappointed, but a day without Ted and Nin was so keen to get out and we had passed the park next to the garden centre a few times (including when we’ve been to the garden centre) so it was a carpe diem moment.I’m impressed that you’ve kept a winter garden going – I’m a dormouse gardener: first sign of a chill and I tend to curl up inside!


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