Hatfield Moors

One of the benefits of where we’ve moved to is that we are now only a few minutes drive from Hatfield Moors Boston Park site (where we Followed Up On Fungi last October).  I’ve been looking forward to re-visiting the site and today we did.
We took the binoculars and a notepad, but unfortunately, there weren’t that many birds to be seen, save for a lot of very noisy Black-headed Gulls in their winter plumage, some mallards and great tits.
We also had the privilege of seeing either a Merlin or a Sparrowhawk – I’m not used to using the binoculars, yet, and I just couldn’t get them to focus properly *sigh*.  I was really excited, but so frustrated!
Wonderful blue skies after all the snow!
The wind was blowing a fair gale!  At one point we really struggled to walk against it.
Even though it was only afternoon, the sun was low in the sky.
The place was rather flooded and we had to wade through some rather deep mud too!
A lovely walk on a blustery afternoon and somewhere we will certainly be visiting more recently now we live closer!

7 thoughts on “Hatfield Moors

  1. Chrismated in Coffeeland says:

    What a lovely place! We too love tromping about in our boots, bird watching, though its been too icy this month! We think wetlands are the best place to visit but living in the middle of one might make us biased! My kids all agree however that “peatlands” and “Moors” sounds much more romantic than plain old wetlands…darn American English!


    • Nikki Wall says:

      It was rather snowy here until yesterday (a lot of rain fell the night before last and washed it away). In the more sheltered parts of the reserve it was still slushy and a bit slippy.Moors sound romantic, I think, because they remind people of 19th century romance and drama in a Wuthering Heights style (although in reality there’s nothing particularly romantic about walking in a howling gale soaked through 😉 )That said, there is some beautiful countryside around here and I feel very blessed to live amongst it!Wetlands sound rather exotic to us 🙂


    • Nikki Wall says:

      It really is lovely there. I need to get out and explore more of the immediate countryside around our new home – we could walk to Hatfield Moors but I think the children would be ready to go home again (easier to drive the couple of minutes and take it from there). I am looking forward to seeing what is directly accessible now the snow has melted (easier to carry a baby when there isn’t snow on the ground).


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