Belated Solstice Blessings!

True to form I am late blogging.  My days have been spent alternating between small baby, home-edding small children and packing copious amounts of boxes ready for our imminent move.
Nin has been baking.  She has offered biscuits to everyone she has come across and don’t even think about refusing one (you’ll be sorry!) She has branched out to using my limited icing bag equipment (my stepmother showed her how to use it – I may be able to bake a tasty cake but that’s the limit, don’t ask me to decorate it!)
I have been busy knitting too, but don’t have any photos. John’s been on stupid pre-Christmas shifts and it’s been busy, busy, busy.
Anna has taken to attacking everything she can get her hands on – including the camera.
Jax is also getting steadily bigger – although probably still has quite a bit of growing to do (he’s getting longer by the day!)
It’s also getting colder – although that doesn’t stop it from raining and raining and raining – I really hope it lets up ready for moving day.
As per usual I’m long overdue a blog post on home-ed happenings here and I do have a post in the works but I’m easily distracted by other things (not least the necessary packing), but I’ll get there.  In the meantime any blogging will be scrappy and piecemeal.
In case I don’t reappear in the meantime – I hope you have a wonderful festival season, no matter what you’re celebrating. x

2 thoughts on “Belated Solstice Blessings!

    • Nikki Wall says:

      LOL – John named him (after a character in Sons of Anarchy – maybe you inspired a biker name? 🙂 )Hope you’re all ok and have had a lovely time – I know I’m a bit behind on the blogs of late!


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