Making the most of November

The days are getting colder, but there is still the odd day that isn’t quite as biting and with a hint of sunshine we grabbed our journals and headed out to the woods and fields.  We snapped a picture of a gull – likely a Herring gull as they are the gulls most likely to be found inland.  This fellow was alone where usually we see a few gulls together.
We took the opportunity to pick some rosehips from a few bushes to make syrup with.
There was the usual tree-climbing.  No matter when we go for a walk, Nin and Ted always find time to climb a tree and it is usually this one: there are many photos of them either singly or together somewhere up this tree.
We found different sized oak leaves – what could this mean?  Nin and Ted realised for the first time that there are different oak trees.
What are these on the rhododendrons?  What do they mean? Where there were flowers before there are now pods.  We also observed new leafs budding and observed the pattern in which the leaves grow from the stem – so different from that of the rose (Nin was looking closely at the rose bushes as she wanted to draw them with hips on when we got home).
The changing landscape around where we live – so interesting to follow it as the seasons change.
Whilst all around us many of the trees and other plants are putting forth seed and/or losing their leaves, the gorse is yellow with flowers.
The rabbits have very many burrows – watch your step!
A quick stop by the water to poke at it with sticks and a flash of small birds overhead. I managed to snap a photo of one, albeit not a very good photo.  I think it might be a goldfinch by the zigzag of yellow, but a little unsure.  Next time I really must bring the binoculars as we also saw a bird flying in a swoop up and down but very low over the grassland – its flight was very distinctive (and typing this reminds me that I meant to ask a friend’s partner if he had an idea of what it is likely to be).  It  was very hard to see it properly without binoculars!
As the wet weather has descended more recently it’s harder to get out regularly (due to lack of suitable waterproof coat for me that also protects Anna as I need to use a sling on our walks in the field) and also, since starting hydrotherapy I’ve felt in more pain than I have for a while, which also isn’t really helping me get out as it becomes more difficult to carry her.
These will be our last few weeks here as after Christmas we will be moving (once all the references and checks come in) to a different house.  With R moving out, many of the reasons we had for living here are gone and we are taking the opportunity to downsize and save a bit of money.  Where we are going is smaller (so I’m busy trying to declutter) and more rural (which will be interesting as I can’t drive, although there are 2 buses an hour for most of the day and it’s about 40 minutes into Doncaster – so not in the middle of nowhere or anything like that).  Here’s hoping we’ll be staying there for a few years, I could do with a break from moving once we’re settled into the new place!

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