Rememberance Day

My eldest son has been a member of Army Cadets for many years now and has really enjoyed his time with them (although he is nearing the maximum age at which he can remain a cadet).  This year he was one of the flag-bearers that headed the Rememberance Day Parade in the village.  R is proof of the fact that home-edders do not brainwash their children into their own beliefs, because anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a supporter of much of Britain’s involvement elsewhere in the world and the Army would not be a choice that I would make (although I do believe in remembering those who have fallen –  we need to remember in order that it does not continue to happen).  I do, however, believe in listening to and trying to respect the choices that my children make and the Cadets have been a source of much enjoyment for R and have done much to support him through some difficult times.  He did a fantastic job and we’re very proud of how hard he has worked and his commitment to  the Cadets.
And I have to admit he did look very smart in his uniform 😉

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