How quickly a week flies by…

Sti… almost in a blink of an eye.  It’s been a very busy week and this is probably why.

The day after Nin’s birthday, my father and brother came up to visit.  Erk left with them as he’s moving in with my father whilst attending college.

I managed to get a photo of my brother – my mum will be pleased!
And my dad – whilst Anna attempted to grab his glasses.
Anna grows and grows and it’s all very tiring.  Sleeping is so much easier with your feet on a furry warm belly and Jax, for his part, really doesn’t seem to mind.
We’ve been to two Halloween parties.  The first with my friend Luna and her family (and friends) – with a chance to compare two very differently sized babies (although it has to be said that Anna is 4 months rather than 8 weeks and was big to begin with, whilst Luna’s daughter was only a little drop when born).  There was face-painting and generally manic children and lots of cake. There are some photos, but Luna has them and I haven’t got any copies yet.
The next with another good friend (and some of her friends) whilst there was a steady stream of trick-or-treaters.  She always does her garden up and directs children to her back door so they have to pick a winding path through her spooky garden. Typically I didn’t take any photos (too busy talking).
I had a call from the hospital with an opening for me to attend hydrotherapy, which was a bit of a strange experience as I haven’t been in a pool for many years.  There was a lot to think about whilst doing the exercises – why is it that physiotherapists seem so obsessed with people pulling in their stomach and bum whilst moving anything?  John came with me to the hospital in order to look after Anna as I’ve never been much good at expressing milk, so Anna is rather reliant on being where the boobs are.  He took her for a walk whilst I was in therapy and she was wonderful (and I was in there for well over an hour).  It’s a six week course with my progress assessed after the six sessions to see where to go next.
It was very tiring and I felt rather weird afterwards but the day had other plans for me that didn’t involve much relaxing as, having picked up the children, we returned home to find the hedgehog that had taken up residence on our doorstep that morning, still by the doorstep and not looking well.  I called the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for some advice as I was unsure whether it was a good idea to pick the hedgehog up to get a closer look (I didn’t want to cause it any stress). Turns out that hedgehogs are pretty docile and speaking to their contact number for Sheffield I was advised to pick up the hedgehog and weigh it (as regardless of any potential injury, if it didn’t weigh at least 500g then its chances of hibernating through the winter were not good).
So, donning some gardening gloves I gingerly picked the little hog up and weighed him on my kitchen scales (with the help of an ice cream tub).  The poor little mite only weighed about 400g and had something protruding out from the little ball it made.  I thought it might be poo and went to clear it away to get a closer look at where to trail of dried blood outside was coming from and it turned out that it wasn’t, it was red inside and ‘sac-like’.  We took the hedgehog to the vets, but sadly, the red ‘sac’ turned out to be a rectal prolapse (that was ‘cold’ – possibly something to do with the amount of time the prolapse had been there, so therefore not fixable?  I have wondered whether if I’d checked the little guy out that morning and realised and taken him to the vet then, would the vets have been able to do anything?) so the little hog had to be put to sleep. Nin spent at least an hour sobbing about this on Friday night, even though we’ve gently explained that it was the best thing that could be done and that we’d saved the hedgehog from a lot of pain and suffering.  The nurse said that she sometimes wonders if some wild animals know whose doorstep to go and sit on.  Who knows?

4 thoughts on “How quickly a week flies by…

  1. HelenHaricot says:

    lovely family bits, 🙂 . from what i know about humans, i don’t think finding earlier would have had the vets doing anything different. [tho any humans reading this, there is surgery for it ! 😉 ]


  2. mamacrow says:

    pulling your stomach & bum in is to do with activating and strengthening your core muscles, which support everything else & will help pull everything else back into place & keep it there!many (((HUGS))) re the poor little hedgehog 😦 Does sound like he came looking for help doesn’t it? Glad he was spared prolonged suffering xx


    • Nikki Wall says:

      Yes, it has to be said that my core muscles are not really up there with the stable or strong. TBH I don’t think any of my muscles are atm. My hope is that working on the core stability will help with the pain in the long run (something that the GPs I’ve seen just don’t seem to *get* when they can just write me a prescription for painkillers *sigh*)


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