Hurrying Hedgehogs

A strange thing happened last week: we went from having not seen a hedgehog for months, to seeing them (possibly the same two) every day, in broad daylight, scrabbling around in our garden (both front and back).  I’m guessing it’s the last mad drive to eat before hibernation?  I thought I should put some cat food out to help them along, but with four cats I very much doubt the hedgehogs would have the benefit of this and I felt rather guilty.  I also worried that, with us moving in the New Year, that any hedgehog hibernating might have its spot destroyed (we’ve left a little ‘wild’ area by the compost bin, but I’m guessing that might be moved?)  I worried about that too.  Hedgehogs apparently get few breaks as it is.
I suppose I can only wish them well and when we move, ensure that we set up a new potentially hedgehog-friendly area wherever we go to.

2 thoughts on “Hurrying Hedgehogs

  1. HelenHaricot says:

    i love hedgehogs and associate them with my nan. when we were little she always had lots of hogs and hoglets in her garden that she fed. i wonder if you put in a note to new people that this is a hedgehog friendly garden and there might be a few hibernating?


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