A Grey Day at Lakeside

We were long overdue a trip to Lakeside for a walk, so last Monday we bundled into the car for a quick drive over.

A feeding crush – they all vied for bread!

Seagulls swooped around.
I think this is a Great Crested Grebe?  I’m rather pleased I managed to grab a photo of it having just surfaced from a dive with a fish it its mouth.
I think this may be another grebe? A Little Grebe/Dabchick – but I’m not entirely sure as when I checked online they appear to have a white spot by their beak.
Aside from the obligatory mallards and various variants thereof (from domestic escapees), there were also some Tufted Ducks.
A noisy Canada goose.
There were quite a few cygnets who were only just beginning to develop their adult plumage – just a spattering of white amongst the warm grey.
I never cease to enjoy seeing how the colours change around the lake, even on a grey and (very) windy day.
If anyone can enlighten me as to whether the one bird I’m not sure on is a Little Grebe/Dabchick, or not, I’d be very grateful, thank you.


2 thoughts on “A Grey Day at Lakeside

  1. C says:

    Hi Just hopping around the blogring and saying hello.We have a couple places we walk consistently all year round and love looking at the changing seasons as they happen.Carol(Welcome to Our World)


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