A Mabon and Michaelmas Catch-up

I’ve been characteristically un-organised this year, the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) and Michaelmas both sneaking up on me (so in a tizz, to be honest, that for some reason I got completely confused and thought it was Michaelmas last Monday because I was convinced it was the 29th September!)

I did clear the summer seasonal display and set up the bare bones of one for autumn at the Equinox, though. The children were really pleased to see it, the next morning, and Nin made some more beeswax Fly Agaric and Ted collected lots of leaves to add to it.

On Michaelmas they were joined by two wooden squirrels:

The squirrels are a present for the children (one each) once the seasonal table is finished for the season.  They were won as part of a giveaway on Natural Surburbia (who I’ve followed for years now – I love seeing a slice of life from South Africa, it seems so very exotic in comparison to South Yorkshire!)  I was thrilled to win the giveaway and chose two squirrels from Little Woodlanders (link to her Etsy shop), who, it turns out, is from England too (you can visit her blog here).

I’d like to say thank you both to Natural Surburbia for hosting the giveaway and Little Woodlanders for the lovely squirrels (and I’ve since ordered a teether for Anna from her too – it’s been nice to be able to order something from a maker in England.)

Of course, it being Michaelmas, we made the obligatory dragon bread:

Nin’s four-eyed dragon with big almond teeth.

Ted’s dragon with almond tusks.

Both dragons were delicious and very quickly devoured (symbolising the over-powering of inner dragons, although this is something that I, for one, will be continuing to work on over the darkening of days, because it’ll take a lot more work than the eating of some baked goods for me!)  We did have a nice meal for both Mabon and Michaelmas and I meant to take note and blog about it earlier, but I didn’t, so I can’t.  Ah well.I’m still reeling a bit by just how much I was convinced it was the 29th even though we’d only just celebrated Mabon a few days before – my brain was obviously marching to its own beat last week!

We also had a week of seasonal stories such as Christine Natale’s lovely tale “The Strong Boy” (available as part of a collection of Fairy Tales from lulu.com) and, of course, the story of Persephone.  Did some leaf rubbings (which we are continuing to do so that we can make a banner) and some watercolouring of papers ready for other crafts.  I will try and get some of the songs and verses we’ve been using posted up too – but well, I quite often have all sorts of plans for posts but then get distracted by other things to do!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading about Nature Journalling as I feel that this a direction we may be going in here and I’m rather excited about it.  I’m just trying to decide whether a notebook or a folder is the best way to go and would really appreciate any pointers if people have any.


4 thoughts on “A Mabon and Michaelmas Catch-up

    • Nikki Wall says:

      Ah, but you do know the old blog trick of the strategically taken photo 😉 I really, really need a further declutter as we’re not renewing the contract here in January and since my eldest has moved out, we’ll be downsizing (as we figure Anna will be in with us for a while and we could save rather a lot by moving to a smaller house).


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