Another Pud.

I’m not a particularly good photographer, so this photo doesn’t do any justice to what was a really lovely dessert (even if I say so myself) of a date and almond baked custard.   I’ve been experimenting quite a bit, of late, with egg-based deserts (as with the Strawberry Tart, but I’ve made other egg custard/clafoutis-type puddings recently) and any leftovers also make a fab protein-based breakfast the next day.
I’ve fallen off the menu-planning wagon for a couple of weeks and really need to get back to it because I find it so helpful to have it planned out in advance (especially with a young baby in the house).
I’m still looking out for further good breakfast ideas, so if anyone has any suggestions – please comment and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Another Pud.

    • Nikki Wall says:

      I follow your boards on Pinterest already – and have used your cinnamon rolls recipe a few times (Nin loves making cinnamon rolls) and, funnily enough, I’m making your sesame granola this week too (as I’ve some tahini I need to make inroads with and my children have been nagging me to make some more granola for a while).Just had a look at your pin for Breakfast Casseroles and they look fab and just what I was looking for! I have to say I’m a lover of baked goods, but my waistline isn’t 😉 Nin and Ted do love being involved with baking though (and I do still need to post about the lovely measuring cups – I haven’t forgotten and they get loads of use, Nin was absolutely thrilled by them – I just need to remember camera when we’re baking!)


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