Blues knitting

On her last visit, my mother brought us up some cushions and a throw – all in a blue and creamy-white colourway (some cushions matching the throw, above, and others in plain blue).  My old cushions were in rather a sorry state in comparison, so I decided to give them a blue and creamy-white revamp too using bits from my stash (well I say ‘them’ but I’ll probably only be able to cobble together enough for one cushion from my stash in these colours).

I had shied away from doing much in this house (decor-wise), as I can’t foresee us staying here more than another year, but there is some pleasure to be had in adding to the ‘little things’ that make a house a home (for however short a period).

Joining in with Frontier Dreams ‘Keep Calm Craft On‘ – she’s knitting some lovely legwarmers reminiscent of the colours of her cat, who appears to resemble our own Cleo so much!


12 thoughts on “Comfort

  1. karen says:

    lovely! and you can take it with you when you move too. Lovely blues and whites like that will look just right in any home. We are set to move in about a year after only being in this house a year (the last house about the same amount of time) so I know the unsettled feeling of knowing that a move is around the corner


  2. a little crafty nest says:

    Hi there…thought I’d take a peek! And lo and behold, you are part of Homespun…I’d love to know your user name?! And the cushion coversa are great…it’s always nice to cozy up your surroundings ~ a year is a very long time to the littles!xo Jules


    • Nikki Wall says:

      I’m NinnyNoodleNoo on there (same as this blog name) :0)You’re right, a year does seem like forever when you’re young, the days and years just seem to shorten as you get older ;0)


  3. Amanda says:

    love the blue and white together. have you thought about about using recycled jeans to make cushion covers? I do this and as there are 6 of us I never seem to run out of old jeans to make something from!


    • Nikki Wall says:

      Recycled jeans are to be my answer to the fact that I run out of yarn before making a piece of knitting big enough to cover the cushion I want to cover. The back of the cushion will now be made of jeans (although part of it will be knitting – I ran out with about half a back of cushion to go, the danger of using what you have *sigh* and I wasn’t going to use the hand natural dyed blue I have left in a much lighter weight as I have other plans for that.)PS. I’d’ve followed through to look at your blog (if you have one) but blogger won’t bring up your profile :0)


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