Peas, lots of peas…

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.  It is a pea jungle out there.  Whilst salad leaves failed, courgettes failed, cucumbers (save for one plant which has one solitary flower on it) failed, the peas were abundantly happy in the wet June and July and are full of pods of sweet, juicy peas.
Of course someone has to pod them, but it appears that small children don’t mind this job so much (although they prefer picking them and podding them straight into their mouths).
These alpine strawberries (photo also taken a little while ago) are now ripening and ready.  Shhhhhh! Don’t tell the children!
I should really get out there and take a photo of the ripened peas and strawberries, but truth be told, the grass is about a foot high and I’m also wading through rampant clover (John keeps trying to cut the grass, but whenever he’s got the time it’s been too damp).  If the sunny weather stays I’m going to try to get out there tomorrow with John and get some more salad planted now the weather has cheered up.

2 thoughts on “Peas, lots of peas…

    • Nikki Wall says:

      I love fresh peas :0)We don’t have many strawberries, but at least something has grown. I’d like to move somewhere where we can plant more and really settle down (quite often a challenge in rented accommodation, although I do like where we are, just the garden is full of stones and without knowing how long we’re staying here, I’m still umming and ahhing over how much work to plough in to the garden).


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