Finding a groove

Slowly getting back into a rhythm of *proper* cooking.  Everything went to pot (haha), rather, once I got really large and tired.  Getting back to menu planning is one step to regaining some of our former rhythm and planning in advance (with a little wriggle room) is a good way to deal with cooking with a newborn – no last minute panics when inspiration fails to strike at the last minute.
Nin’s now a dab-hand at a basic sponge, so I’m trying to expand her repertoire (and mine) with a few new recipes, one of which was the Marmalade and Yoghurt cake (above). When you’re trying to stop family members picking up a chocolate bar, sweets (etc) when popping to the shops, it helps to have something sweet, but a little more ‘wholesome’ in (and having a menu plan also protects against popping to the shops in the first place!)
Does anyone have any favourite recipes they’d like to share?  I’m looking for some more inspiration!



2 thoughts on “Finding a groove

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m constantly doing variations on sponge. A summer favourite is an upside down fruit one where you put blackberries/raspberries or whatever in the bottom of your greased tin and pour sponge mixture over the top. When you turn it out it’s all jammy!


    • Nikki Wall says:

      That’s a favourite of mine too – no matter what fruit you have in, chances are you can do that with it and have a nice pud :0) That was the choice on Sunday to use up some rather ropey nectarines and very soft plums, but it was very well received.I’m going to try a cherry clafoutis tomorrow for the first time and make a meringue ready for strawberry pavlova day after (the plus side of making custard on Monday are the egg whites to use). I’m not the best meringue maker, but I’m hoping if I can manage to do it in the evening I can leave it to dry out in the oven overnight.


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