A June Walk Around Lakeside

Just outside of the centre of the closest town is a large man-made lake (surrounded for the most part by mixed office, retail and residential (including the stadium) and yet, the lake is a haven for all sorts of wildlife (including a lot of ducks and quite a few summer visitors).
The weather has been pretty dull and grey so far this summer and so when the sun showed its face we leapt at the chance to go for a walk, especially as I was very heavily pregnant at this point and we were rather hoping it might encourage Anna to make an appearance.
Jemima Puddle Duck look-a-likes (reminding me that I really should get a collection of Beatrix Potter for my children as they’d love the stories).
Quite a few swans and cygnets to be seen, including the very carefully guarded pile of cygnets above.
Nin took quite a few photos of bees on flowers (and lots of photos of flowers).  Around the paved walkways of the lake are planted borders – but towards the other side (where the hill is) grow all sorts of wild flowers.
Summer visitors – apparently there are a few different visitors to the lake, including some that cause a bit of excitement amongst bird-watchers (so I’m told), as every so often some species-or-other is announced to have been spotted by the local (Yorkshire) Wildlife Trust.
A nest under construction.
This little coot mother is busy looking for material to improve that nest.
Every so often she’d dive down to fetch something from the bottom and then would bob back up, beak full and paddle on back to the nest to add. Ted broke a thin stick in half and threw it into the water and she dutifully fetched both pieces and added them to her nest as we watched.
There were lots of brightly coloured carp (?) in the shallows, likely fish (or descendants of fish) that people had ‘set free’ from their ponds/aquariums.  I wondered whether they might be spawning.
Doesn’t the weather look lovely in this photo?  We’d already had quite a few grey days by this point, which is why we’d seized the opportunity to go for a walk, but my, it’s been pretty grey (save for the odd day) since then!

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