A Blanket for Anna

Ok, I’ll admit that I finished this a while ago and just didn’t get around to posting it, but here is the baby blanket I crocheted for Anna  (using up some of the granny squares I made a couple of years ago that have just been sitting in a cupboard since – I knew that I’d find uses for the various squares eventually).

The granny squares are made from Dazzle (Blue-faced Leicester 4ply) from The Natural Dye Studio.  Luckily I had fairly complementary colours in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to make the stripey part of the blanket.

I’m rather pleased with this particular stash-buster and it’s getting good use.

Crochet blanket

Breastfeeding a hungry newborn takes time and, naturally, her next most favourite thing is to be held.  I find myself with far more time to read than I have done in a while (where instead I’d find something else to do).  I’ve been working my way through cookbooks feeling the need to get more organised and ‘menu-planned’, so making a list of recipes from different books that I either use regularly, or want to try, with a view to collecting them (and the various recipes I have in my head) into one place. The River Cottage Family Cookbook and Jude Blereau’s Wholefood for Children and Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the Family seemed like good places to start.

So the view from where I sit looks something like this: various books, Anna’s blanket ready for covering her up when (if) I’m able to put her down into her moses basket and a yellow tin of buttons (but no, there weren’t any suitable buttons for the cardigan for Anna I’ve just finished and I will post about that at some point too, once it has suitable buttons) and  missing out the side table with mug, plate and crumbs and a further notepad.

So (finally) getting to join in with Small Thing’s Yarn AlongFrontier Dream’s Keep Calm and Craft On and Crunchy Catholic Mama’s Stash Bash.  I really need to get more organised as then I might be able to blog more things I’ve made – I have knitted and crocheted various other things too – but finding it not so easy with a babe-in-arms!


3 thoughts on “A Blanket for Anna

    • Nikki Wall says:

      Thank you.Crochet isn’t my forte, the granny squares were my first attempt at following a pattern (but I don’t think I’d be up for following anything bigger). I really should block things too ;0)


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