May already?

Time seems to be slipping by so quickly.  Beltaine/May Day was washed out by the weather which appears to have decided to throw out the usual seasonal rule book and do what it fancies.  We managed to get out for a walk a day or so afterwards and I will get some pics up of that either later or at Some Point.
So we’ve been rather housebound (although children will play outside in rain coats, but as I don’t have a coat that will now stretch over my belly, rain is not something I’m braving atm).  Many days were grey and one-by-one we came down with a bug (save for Richard, who just doesn’t seem to catch anything).  I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the sofa with views like this (Ted cuddled up against me):

And I’ve spent hours and hours and hours reading to small children, till I started to feel a bit dizzy and needed to take a rest.

Then I get my turn and have small children sit on me then too.

Me nodding off behind Ted whilst he finger knits (he made a snake and Nin sewed button eyes onto it for him – I must take a photo!)

Wet and cold weather, however, necessitates baking in Nin’s mind – although it seems that pretty much every day necessitates baking if you’re Nin.

There are breakfast waffles to be made:

They ate the results before I could take a photo (and as I don’t remember taking these photos, I have a sneaking suspicion they may be courtesy of Ted).
We’ve gone through a period of eating quite a lot of cinnamon rolls (recipe from Hannah at HomeBakedOnline, she suggests heart-shaped ones for Valentines day, but we made some round ones using her recipe instead).
A tad burnt, but lovely nonetheless and a good change from Nin’s usual fairy cakes (which are very nice, but I thought it was time she expanded her repertoire).
In a fit of experimentation we also made some Banana, Sultana and Marrow loaf, using too rather black bananas, some marrow jam and a handful of sultanas (no extra sugar as the jam was full of sugar enough).  The resultant loaf was a little heavy round the edges but tasted very good with butter.
It’s now John’s turn with the bug, except I think he’s been struck by something different as he’s been ill for 3 days now – Ted, however, is fighting fit again:
Normality is almost restored.

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