St Patrick

March 17th is the memorial day for St Patrick (patron saint of Ireland).  As his day fell on a Saturday this year I kept things simple by reading the chapter for St Patrick in Our Island Saints by Amy Steedman.

This image show St Patrick banishing the snakes from Ireland, which is more likely symbolic of him pushing to drive Paganism from the island (as apparently it’s unlikely there ever were actual snakes in Ireland).

We didn’t really do much else with regards to St Patrick (along the lines of crafts, etc) as it’s been a lovely sunny day and getting outside in it was more important.

There’s been a bit of an Irish theme here, anyway, of late, what with a Main Lesson block on The King of Ireland’s Son followed by continuing with the book whilst in our following Maths block.  Somehow, at some point, I happened to tell Nin the tale of Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway (I’ve no idea how I came onto that subject, but something must’ve triggered it off, I do have a tendency to go off on a tangent at times) and, of course, they enjoy tales from Tales from Old Ireland by Malachy Doyle – a favourite of mine being ‘Lusmore and the Fairies’ aka The Legend of Knockgrafton (which can be found on the Sacred Texts website).  And if you’re in the mood for another story, Christine Natale has a lovely story for little ones, The Little Dancer, posted over at Ancient Hearth.

We did have a nice beef stew with colcannon for dinner though, so a token nod towards Irish food today.

I hope everyone who has been celebrating today had a wonderful time.


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