I do have teenagers, honest!

Handknitted Norwegian Jumper

Well, here’s proof I have at least one (there is another one knocking about too – neither are as keen for me to photograph them as my younger children, who given half a chance will pose every time I go near a camera) – and look, Mum, he’s wearing that jumper!  I have a feeling it’s older than him?

Also proof that teenagers will wear handknits, even traditional Norwegian ones.

Adjusting his trousers – yes the crotch is actually cut that low (count yourself lucky you can’t see his underwear, the rest of the world usually can…)


2 thoughts on “I do have teenagers, honest!

  1. Lisa says:

    Lovely boy and sweeter and lucky you. My teen puts his hand out right spot in front of the camera and shouts “no” every time I try. Ugh. He wears the same trouser style. ; -)


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