A Walk with Rosie and Ted Takes Over

Out for a ‘daily airing’ and Rosie the cat decided to come too.  She followed us from our house, across the road, through the park and towards the fields.
She explored in the rhododendrons with Nin and Ted (there are so many rhododendron bushes around here  – not only in the woods but on the verges of fields, I wonder whether they come from a much earlier time as part of the grounds of the local Hall).
We found plenty of rabbit holes.
Rosie enjoyed peering into them.
She carried steadily on, calmly beside us, occasionally bounding off to investigate something before springing back alongside as we continued on our way.
We walked almost to the Hall.
Every so often, Rosie took off a little ahead and would then pause and sit down, waiting for us to catch up with her.
She missed this rabbit though!
And then Ted took over the camera (all following photos are taken by him).
And trailed behind for a while.
This should be filled with water, but as you can see, it’s dry – it has apparently been a very dry winter.
The obligatory random-sock-found-in-strange-places.
And Rosie still kept up with us as we walked for home.
We did get some odd looks when we came across the woman walking her spaniel, who upon seeing we were shadowed by a cat, very kindly moved fast to put her dog on the lead (John scooped Rosie up to get her out of the way).  We also got a few looks walking past the playground.
She’s a little odd cat – slightly out of our group of four (she hisses and spits at the others, even her own son) and not fond of being picked up or fussed much (she was as a kitten, but as she got older she developed a distaste for ‘too much’ attention) and yet, here she was, happily trotting beside us much as you might expect a little dog to.
I think she certainly enjoyed her walk (the photos of my eldest in the preceeding blog were taken shortly after these and you can see her asleep in one of them, tired out from her adventure).

2 thoughts on “A Walk with Rosie and Ted Takes Over

  1. Lisa says:

    What a pretty and relaxing walk. I feel refreshed from reading along. You know I have this picture of England as a place with lots of walking space like this. Love the cat walk too.


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