Spring is Springing!

I love this time of year, when everywhere just seems to be bursting with new growth.  For me Spring begins with the first shoots of snowdrops up from the ground, so it’s been Spring for a little while now (as far as I’m concerned, Imbolc or Candlemas heralds Spring), but it’s now that the season really picks up momentum.

Much like my urge to garden, my enthusiasm for walking is also very much governed by the seasons – although a good walk in the snow is something I do enjoy, but it’s all so much *easier* when one hasn’t got to get oneself (plus a number of children) into particular ‘gear’ further than comfortable shoes and a shower jacket (just-in-case) or even just a handy cardi.

Plus I’m so happy to have a camera again (my father very kindly gave us his old one when he upgraded).  I may not be the best photographer in the world, but my word, a camera really does make a difference from taking photos on your mobile phone!  I do feel a little guilty for the large gaps of very few photos in camera-free times and it is enjoyable to get outside and take pics (even if they’re not award-winning examples of photographic beauty) – it’s good to be able to get a snapshot of something that caught my eye.

So, with lovely sunshine and warmth in the air, we headed out into the fields and woods to see what we could find.

There’s always some tree-climbing to be had…
We saw so many ladybirds all over the place – I wonder whether this is going to be another ladybird-year (last year there seemed to be hundreds of them!)
And more tree-climbing.
We saw quite a few different fungi and lichens (I haven’t posted pics of them all)
There were different mosses too – so pretty over stones and tree trunks.
New growth pushing up through last year’s fallen leaves – exciting to go back and watch as the plants grow and bloom.  I’m waiting to see my first primroses (they shouldn’t be long) and looking out for wood anemones (both amongst my favourite flowers, although admittedly I have more than a few ‘favourite’ flowers…)
A pause to pose on a stump.
Admittedly I tired first.  John said it was quite frightening to watch me walk – my legs can be a little all over the place (really I need to attend physio, but they won’t touch me whilst I’m pregnant save for pregnancy-related complaints), but I’m sturdy enough and I do think my rather uneven gait can be an advantage over equally uneven ground, although the bigger I get the harder it is for me to squeeze through small spaces, plus I have the added disadvantage of needing the loo rather regularly (this baby is weighing rather heavily on my bladder and will only get bigger as the months progress) and so I had to petition for us to turn towards home as the sun began to sink in the sky.
After all, there’s the promise of many a walk to come…

2 thoughts on “Spring is Springing!

  1. Hannah says:

    I love the way you bring us along on your family walks!I have been noticing a lot of ladybirds, too – I don’t think I saw a single one last year – and they’re all red ones which surprises me because I’m sure I read that they were being taken over by black/yellow/orange? ones.


    • Nikki Haxell says:

      That’s odd, because we saw thousands last year too, might be a regional thing though.We also saw a fair few black, yellow and orange ones last year, but none this year (so far).I really enjoy walking – I have times when I can’t (when my JHMS gets too bad) so whilst my legs are working, I like to take advantage and enjoy the fresh air!


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