The above is rather what I’ve been wanting to do today, I feel washed out and in need of some recuperation.  Oh to be a cat, it seems like the majority of photos I ever take of them involves one or t’other of them with all four legs in the air 🙂
I’ve been adding a little to the various pages on here (ideally I’d like to sort out the header, but can’t access my image-editing software).  I had hoped to link in with other blogs for the stash-busting crocheting I’ve been doing at the moment and also write a little about the first steps we’re taking in the garden (initial tidying and preparing the ground to get some seeds and plants in, although, admittedly, I’ve been doing a lot more directing than actual gardening as bending over a lot isn’t doing my bump and back any favours).
I finally wrote an About page with a bit more information about me and my approach to home education.  Chances are I’ll add and change bits as time goes on, but it may be of interest to someone.
Aside from that, roll on bedtime, I’m looking forward to being all tucked up and cosy.

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