A Day Out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The weather was rather good on Sunday, so we made plans to go on a day trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park the next day hoping that the weather would be as bright and sunny.  It wasn’t, it was decidedly colder and more grey, but still, with a packed lunch, warm coat, hat and gloves a day out can still be enjoyed.
We saw various animals (although some were hiding from the cold and rain – only a couple of meerkats and mongoose braved it – most were hidden indoors under heat lamps).
The chap (or chapess – no idea how to sex camels) was clearly well padded for the weather.
The lions below were all very peaceful, until something disrupted their rest and they all whipped their heads around to glare at the disruptor.
Nin, in her excitement had run off a little ahead and shouted back to me.  As the park was fairly empty and quiet, the lions all suddenly found a focus.  Her.  They watched her like a hawk until we’d walked around the corner.  These lions were rescued and you can read something of their life and rescue on the Yorkshire Wildlife Park website.
The racoon dogs were having none of it and hid curled in a heap in their cosy den.
It turns out, going on a chilly Monday morning is a very good way of avoiding the usual crowds and we were able to walk about in relative peace – although picnicking was a bit of an experience when the wind suddenly picked up and tried to blow our sandwiches away!

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