Another pause

I’ve been struggling with my health and ended up in hospital again, so things have taken a bit of a pause of late as I’ve been told to take the next few weeks very easy.
Circle Time has consisted of me mostly sitting on the sofa – Nin LOVES singing and dancing, so it quite happy to prance around in front of me. Ted joins in, occasionally, but it’s harder to expect him to when I’m mostly sat down.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time lying down, but at least from this position I can still listen to Nin practice her reading (she reads from Cecily M Barker’s “Flower Fairies” compilation from the relevant books for the season) and we sing times tables and practice mental arithmetic.
We have a very small space downstairs – you can see between the sofas, above, and yes, the room is on a diagonal at one end, narrowing to just a doorway up the stairs and a doorway into the kitchen – a really strange shape!  Behind where you can see there’s space for a table in the window and some cupboards down the walls.  That’s it.  It’s rather a challenging space to organise and it is the only room downstairs (save for the kitchen) so has to serve many different purposes, but as you can see above, children will make use of any space – and the sofas make very good cliff walls for the ‘castle garden’ they built above (they added rather a lot to this and rebuilt and ‘improved’ on it for a couple of days running).
We didn’t do anything for Martinmas (save for singing songs) and I feel bad for that, but I had an appointment that afternoon and it took over an hour and a half and after going round to my friend’s (who had looked after the children) and staying there for a bit of a chat, I was so shattered I didn’t get much else done.  We will have a belated little celebration, though, as I’ve made jam jar lanterns with my children every year for the past few years and I feel bad we haven’t done this yet, this year.
I’ve been lacking for energy of late and typically am in bed and asleep before now, but hopefully I *will* get some more of Nin’s MLB pages scanned in a posted up and will also get our current Circle Time up too.
Here’s hoping my energy levels stabilise again soon and I start to feel a bit better!

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