A catch up

I’m still feeling rather ‘bleurgh’ – headaches and sickness and fatigue and I’m fighting the urge to basically whinge and moan about this instead!  The blog is looking rather sparse and lacking, so I will try and get it updated (scanner isn’t talking to the laptop, which is a bit of an issue for scanning in MLB pages that Nin has done.)

In the meantime, however, we have had things happening.  Nin was 8 just over a week ago.  In the morning we went for an activity morning with the Forestry Commission Ranger at Bentley Woods, where we followed a spooky trail, then had a relay to get pieces to build a skeleton.

It spent the entire morning raining and it was only myself and two friends and their children that turned up (it was a public activity – but I guess some people don’t really do rain…)  The only other people to be seen were a small group of cheery hikers who stopped to chat (pleased to see children out and about in all weathers: “It’s good for them!”) and a boy with his horse and buggy doing laps.

We made clay sculptures in the rain.
It was rather cold, but certainly no danger of the clay drying out!
Nin and Ted made heads on sticks:
Nin had a small get-together in the afternoon, but unfortunately my camera is working, so I’m stuck with only taking photos on my mobile and well, my mobile doesn’t have a flash, so once it starts getting darker, I struggle to take photos.  It was a little challenging having more than a few children in such a small space (although there was only 7 children invited), but they all enjoyed themselves 🙂

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