Hard to believe that this photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago and it was still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.  We went to Sandall Beat Wood for a stroll and ending up hunting for chestnuts, but also came home with pockets full of beechnuts and acorns (we really should bring a bag out to the woods in the autumn).
Now?  Well, it’s freezing!  The first frost came on Saturday morning and I’m sitting here in two jumpers (the boiler hasn’t been working for days and I’m waiting for it to be fixed).  I’d be in full-blown knitting mode if my hands didn’t feel half frozen (it’s hard to type).
After unseasonally warm autumn weather, the cold has taken me by surprise and there really can’t be enough warm socks in the house (I’ll wear two pairs!)
I really hope the boiler is fixed soon!

One thought on “Brrrrrr!

  1. sistermama says:

    I hope the heat is fixed. I’m not ready for the cold this year. I as looking at the calendar yesterday and planning a 10 day trip to my sister’s in November. I couldn’t believe I would have to start Advent prep right when we get back, it seems so far away, yet is so close! I also know the weather has changed when I look at my banner on my blog with my kids in shorts and think, “Wow, they must be cold”.xo,Sarah


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