A St. Francis Beginning

October 4th was (is) the day dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, so what better day to start learning about this particular Saint? I have to admit that of all the Saints, I was looking forward to learning more about Francis, after all, he seems so very dear to so many people (including a very good Pagan friend of mine, who was brought up Catholic, but still thinks of St. Francis fondly).
The story I’ve been using is: “God’s Troubadour, The Story of St Francis of Assisi” and very enjoyable it’s been too (I’ve even surprised myself!)  Nin is really enjoying the stories and is eager for the next one each day (sometimes I’ve been reading two of the stories in a row to get through them at a fairly decent speed, e.g. Francis’ child and young manhood.)
This is from when St Francis was young.  He was a rich merchant’s son, so we thought he would be brightly dressed and happy.  Nin drew a border of grapes because we guessed that as he liked to party with his friends, he probably would’ve drank a lot of wine!
He wanted to be a brave soldier and went off to fight.  But, in truth, there is nothing wonderful about war, it is ugly and cruel.  Francis started to think that perhaps fighting wasn’t as noble as he once thought it was.
We have now come to the part of his life where St. Francis has given up his worldly goods, but not as far as the recall, etc.  Today Nin drew a picture of St. Francis kissing the hand of a leper.  The write up of that will come tomorrow.  She is so very enthusiastic for this block (even with all my concerns and worries about presenting it, because I’ve always struggled to find a handle on Christianity – predominantly because I have struggled to see the divine feminine within the religion, although I know she’s there *somewhere*).  It really is so heartening to see how the material really resonates with Nin and it gives me the confidence to continue bringing what I can genuinely see as real ‘soul food’ to her.
Despite all my reservations, I’m am really enjoying this block!

5 thoughts on “A St. Francis Beginning

  1. NinnyNoodleNoo says:

    Thankyou :0)Nin works really hard with her Mainlesson pages (we will make them into a book at the end of the year). We are, however, using pencils as opposed to wax, as I haven’t been able to get more Stockmar crayons as of yet (I did have some and they appear to have gone AWOL 😦 ) The blocks are really good for colouring in backgrounds to avoid all that ‘white space’, crayons aren’t so good for this – although I think it’s easier to write with pencils 🙂


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