Michaelmas came in a rush of warm weather – beautiful sunshine!

A picture of our autumn seasonal table – complete with a cat of many seasonal colours – oh and a random mini jam jar with a plastic fish in it *sigh*

After breakfast we started the day with the wonderful Circle Time “Michaelmas in the Kindergarten” written by Barbara Klocek and available here.   What with trying to get my head around the Saints and reading and reading and reading, it made sense to use this Circle Time, speaking as it does to Kindy children and more importantly to a certain little boy, who has been really excited by the thought of swords and dragons! We then made some dragon bread (the dough had been made in advance and only needed a quick second kneading).


We read the story of Archangel Michael leading God’s army and the explusion of Lucifer from Heaven, before the painting and drawing of Archangel Michael and the dragon, whilst waiting for the dragon bread to bake and then cool.

We then enjoyed the eating of dragon bread together (including additional teenagers who happened to turn up at the door for my eldest).
Nin’s dragon (with horns)

Ted’s dragon (with wings)


So the morning was rather lovely!


The afternoon got a little less so in that we went down to the allotment, even though it was very unseasonably warm, as I really needed to clear some further space and the plants were desperate for water.  This led to me getting rather hot and bothered and tired (I tire easily).


We met on my friend’s allotment for a group meal, I’d made Butterbeans in Cider and Nin had made a wonderful cake with buttercream icing, entirely by herself (save for the putting it in the oven and getting it out again.) To this was added some lovely bread made by my friend’s husband and a good meal was had by all. I managed to cheer up a bit.


But then the tiredness hit me rather hard and Ted was also overtired and grumpy and had to be carried home kicking and shrieking.  I’d promised popcorn and hot chocolate, but burned the popcorn, we realised we’d accidentally taken my friend’s allotment padlock with us and John had to take it back down (so they could lock up), in this time I burned a SECOND pan of popcorn.  How I managed to not collapse in tears at this point, I don’t know, but my grumpiness had rather exceeded everything else at this point.


Hey ho!  Sometimes it’s best just to take yourself off to bed as tomorrow’s another day!

And it was.


The next morning was spent recapping Archangel Michael and an additional lovely story, but I’ll write a bit about that tomorrow (hopefully).


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